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Virtual navigator that will not let you drown in the stormy ocean of goods and services

Three Simple Steps


Take a picture of the purchased product or item identified with the service...


Write a review about the received impression, experience of buying, quality of service...


Save your feedback in the convenient interface of our application.


Convenient shopping diary able to remember:


Information about the time of purchase


Geolocation data


Information about the cost of goods


Memory of the received impression

Personal shopping assistant

Interesting places, decorations and delicacies, dishes, drinks, fruits, exquisite dishes, bright emotions and impressions - now all this can be remembered and permanently saved in a simple and clear interface of the mobile application.
All information will be stored in a convenient form, and will always be at your fingertips.

Not more any disappointments!

Our application will help you save not only time and money, but also nerves.
The available base of the purchase experience of other users of the application will allow you to avoid the bitterness of disappointment, warn you from purchases that will not meet your expectations.

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Unique features of the application



Loyalty programs

Organic feedback database

Price Guide

Recommendation system

Navigator in the world of goods and services

Purchases diary

Bonuses, discounts, stocks

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